Vanacci – Debut watch review. By Sale

Vanacci are a modern design company based in Bingley. They make a range of fantastic quality products, from carbon fibre wallets to shaving gear!

They have now brought out their first watch.

We teamed with Vanacci to try out this watch and see if it lived up to the hype.

At first glance the thing you notice is the beautiful strap! It is carbon on leather and looks fantastic as well as feeling comfortable to wear.

It has a very simple design which looks really classy. It has a deep blue face which really stands out compared to a lot of watches. I would say that the watch is best viewed in the sun, or daylight at least as it really shows the colours on the face changing. The back casing of the watch acts like a bowl with the face sunken within it. It means that the face is all you look at and really draws your eyes into the watch.

It’s surprisingly light when on but still feels like good quality. When I actually put it on for the first time I was surprised that the face is slightly smaller than a lot of modern watches at the moment. This is a GOOD THING!

I feel this makes the watch timeless and also again stands out from the crowd as a different, classier option. 

I‘ve worn it out for a meal, to a wedding and just popping over to friends and it does suit every occasion. 

I’ve not been using the watch for very long but from what I can tell the watch keeps to time very well. It is built with Swiss Ronda Movement. Swiss Ronda Movements are considered to be one of the leaders in the watch movement market. The key to their manufacturing is it must be with Swiss parts. They are recognised for having a high degree of accuracy as well as durability.

I have to say that I am a big watch fan and have been always looking at the larger faces so when this watch turned up I was thinking am I going to like this?

The good news is that I really did. It’s different but elegant at the same time and it really feels like quality. I also love the fact that it is made in Britain!

The only downside for me to warn some of our larger readers would be the strap length. I have to say it is perfect for me and I feel would fit most people but if you are currently warming up for the England rugby team then it could be a little tight. That being said the brand seems to really take care in their products and if enough people needed it I have a feeling they would make one.

One of my favourite things is the personal touches. The warranty card in the box has little comments and jokes which really endear you to the brand instead of 20 pages of you can’t do this or warranty doesn’t cover that. It keeps it simple and clear and throwing in a film reference which is always going to win me over. Any warranty card that can throw in a Spiderman 2 reference to explain what is and not covered under warranty is a must buy in my opinion.

So for a first attempt I have to take my hat off to them. Fantastic product. Comfortable, stylish and can be worn anywhere.

Definitely a company to look out for.

If you’re as keen as I was then here is all the information you need and you can pre order now.


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